Pearl White Nursing Poncho

Pearl White Nursing Poncho

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Cover me Poncho nursing covers are a more stylish, practical way to breastfeed. Our ponchos offer full coverage both front and back making nursing clothing a thing of the past. No fussing with straps or worrying about being exposed.

Our ponchos are made from a lightweight, breathable, jersey knit fabric blend of 97% rayon and 3% spandex. The stretchy nature of this fabric makes it more comfortable for baby to nurse and its breath-ability prevents you both from getting overheated.


Petite 27" wide x 30" long
Regular 30" wide x 33" long
Plus 35" wide x 37" long

In addition to nursing, our covers can also be used as a car seat cover, stroller cover, swaddle, maternity top, or as an accessory to any outfit. 

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Customer Reviews

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Just perfect

I found Cover Me through a facebook suggestion, and I've never appreciated those ads so much. Once I read the "our story" I know I had to purchase. I'm still pregnant, so haven't used it for nursing YET, but the quality is great, the cover is so soft, and it is loose and non-constricting which is a nice change from my last covers. All I could as for!

Love It!

I had tried a few types of nursing covers and none worked for baby and I. We always got way too hot which frustrated both of us. However the nursing poncho is great! It's flowy and airy and had been the cover of our dreams! AND it's so cute, it can even be worn as part of your outfit. It's not only fashionable it's functional, which is everything I could ask for!

Full coverage and Light

Finally got to use my poncho yesterday. I usually don't need one out in public bc I usually leave before leaving the house and I always bring a bottle.but we were out later than I thought and the poncho was perfect. It totally covered me and my baby. I was able to move her around and get situated. She was conever table and cool and I was able to watch her. This was so much better than the front cover I bought for my first baby. Just wish all the cute designs from the ads were available. I will recommend to all the new moms in my life!


I love this nursing cover! It's super cute, lightweight, and it offers full coverage. The only feature I miss with this cover is the ability to see my baby's face while she nurses, like a stiff piece that holds the top part out a little so I can peek in at her.

A must have

I wish I would have found this product 5 months ago when I started my breastfeeding journey. I love that it keeps me fully covered even when my lo is trying to be a gymnast underneath. I can still easily check on her while feeding and my arms aren't trapped underneath if I'm trying to do something.