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Cover Me Ponchos
Wish I had this with my first baby!

This thing is seriously genius! It is so easy to put on, completely covers me and my little girl and it so stylish! the quality is also amazing. thanks for the great product!

Tested and proven

I'm expecting my 3rd child, and back again for more covers! I found this poncho 1/2 way through my nursing journey with my 2nd. I loved that he could wiggle ALL he wanted, and I wouldn't be exposed unexpectedly. I have given this cover as a gift, and I just couldn't wait for the cranberry to be back in stock. I'm 5'4" and the petite works very well for me as I have a very short torso. I'm planning to wear the cranberry cover to our family Christmas gathering (I'm due in March). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Cover Me Ponchos
Rachel C.
TL;DR: One of the Best New Mom Products

I love this product. It’s super soft, light/breathable, and provides great coverage in terms of both opaqueness and size. I use mine most as a nursing and car seat cover with both my summer and winter babies. Because it’s versatile, it eliminates the need to have separate products and therefore clutter in my diaper bag. I tell my new mom friends it’s one of the best new mom products you didn’t even know you needed. I tried the apron, the infinity scarf, and other products before someone recommended this to me. I now own three so I always have a clean one on hand. The customer service is also fantastic. Highly recommend!

Cover Me Ponchos
Rebecca E.
Nice fabric, poncho color not as pictured

I’ll start out by saying that I love the poncho style of this nursing cover. It makes nursing while out and about so much easier and breathable for baby. My only complaint is that I ordered the cranberry poncho and received a poncho that was a light pink or coral color. When I contacted the company on Facebook messenger and also the email they said to contact with questions I never heard back. The poncho is nice, but the customer service I received was nonexistent.

Cover Me Ponchos
Brittany O.
Love my poncho!

I absolutely love this poncho! The fabric is so light and breathable and the size offers great coverage and doesn’t make me feel restricted like my Copper Pearl cover did (I’m 5’4”, 130 lbs if that helps). I also love the way it looks, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing a goofy nursing cover. Highly recommend!

Exactly what they claim

I switched to these ponchos from a nursing apron because the apron did not offer enough coverage (left my sides and back exposed) and my almost 7 month old did not help matters with his wriggling, grabbing, and kicking of the apron. That being said, I did not feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. These ponchos are exactly what they claim to be: offer full coverage, very soft, and breathable while breastfeeding.

I am tall (5'10") and average build, and wondered if the regular size would be enough or if I should get the plus size to make sure the poncho was long enough. The regular fits wonderfully!

It took about a week for my order to ship, but when it did it arrived in 2 days (I live in Southwest Virginia).

Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase and would highly recommend it to other breastfeeding moms.


I have 3 ponchos in all. I love these ponchos. I feel fully covered while nursing. I also love how it is lightweight and my baby doesn’t get too overheated. We use the ponchos as a car seat cover and a blanket sometimes. Thank you for a great product!

Pattern not as advertised...

Material is soft and sizing is great... I ordered the Indigo tie dye... photos on website and instagram show a linear stripe pattern... got mine and it is a random splotchy tie dye. More like a cow's spots, which doesn't quite have the look I was hoping for...

Just a bit diappointed.

The best!

I just got my covers in the mail last week and I was so excited! I had an event on Saturday and couldn't wait to be able to use my new ponchos. They did not disappoint! I was fully covered nursing, and then could leave the cover on afterwards as part of my outfit. They are so stinkin' cute and incredibly soft! I highly recommend Cover Me Ponchos to any nursing mama!

Cover Me Ponchos
Kelsey A.
Beautiful, Functional, Versatile

Love these nursing covers! I bought one when I had my first daughter and two more now that I’m expecting our second baby in just a few weeks. (Because one is great, but there will be awesome! ;) ) I found this style of nursing cover to be comfortable, breathable, and giving a lot more peace of mind trying to stay decently covered while nursing a very wiggly baby! :)
Also makes for a great cozy blanket in a pinch, and I’ve also used mine to cushion the seat in the cart to make it more comfortable for my little girls’ legs, a car set cover when I needed her to be protected from wind or just to help her sleep, and as even just as a poncho for me when it’s a little chilly and I want something light and stylish!

Cover Me Ponchos
Jered Robinson
Love This!

I love that I can use this poncho for so many different uses. It's soft and fits me perfect!

Fixed my problem!

I am a bigger girl and was unable to find a nursing poncho that gave me full coverage. I got the plus size cover and its perfect. I can move my arms and baby cant flip my cover up and expose me to world! Thanks CMP for thinking about us bigger girls!

So much better!

I have tried other nursing covers and this one is by far the best one. Their fabric is so soft and it seems to fall just right. This has become one of my favorite baby items!

So versatile

I love this! It’s so soft and light weight I don’t feel like my baby is smothering under there. I like to use it in the morning when we go out for some fresh air. I’ll tuck her underneath and pop her head out of the top so she can see and is cozied up next to me. Highly recommend this and I’ll probably be getting another!

In love!

I had another nursing cover and this one solves everything I hated about the other one! Perfect!

Cover Me Ponchos
Rachel Neugebauer (Brian Neugebauer)

The poncho itself was cute and made from nice material, but it did not offer the coverage I was looking for because although it has some areas where it is longer, it comes up higher on the sides than other nursing covers. What I was most disappointed by, though, was the lack of customer service. There are no instructions for returning in the package or on the website, and there is no customer service number to call. Do I filled out their generic “contact us” form on their website to find out how I could return, and did not hear back after over a week. I proceeded to email the email address that was listed on their website, and have not heard back from that either. Do not purchase unless you are SURE that you will like the product and will not need any customer service afterward.

Awesome product!

Softest material, multifunctional, I like it as a scarf even when I’m not breastfeeding! 5 stars! Bought a second one and also one for a friend!

Best Ever

I have two and absolutely love them. By far the best nursing cover. I have twins and it even works for tandem feedings

Soft and Flowy

I really like my new poncho. Design is super cute and the poncho is extremely soft even after washing it. It's very flowy and not tight like other ponchos I've bought. The only thing that could make it better is if the fabric was a little more breathable because it does still get hot especially when outside in Texas heat. Definitely the best poncho I've found so far though so I plan purchase another one eventually.

Best in class!

This cover is so long that my little can't lift it all the way up to show off like other, shorter covers. It's so soft that I love to wear it to work to pump in and little love to hold the fabric while we're nursing so she's distracted and not playing. It really is worth the cost!

A must have for breastfeeding moms!!!

This is a must have for every breastfeeding mom you know! I tried the nursing scarves and other covers when my son was born and they just didn’t work! They were awkward and hot and just not worth the fuss. So I gave up on covers and got a few nursing tops and perfected the two shirt method. I just wasn’t gonna need a cover I thought. Then I found these...I ordered two on a whim to try them. OMG!! They are perfect! I don’t always need them, but sometimes it is just easier to pull the whole boob out to feed vs trying to do it discreetly and for those times my poncho is amazing!! Now I have 4 and would sill love a few more :heart_eyes:. I always have one in the diaper bag and it’s perfect for a blanket in the car seat, cover for nursing, or on the really hot days this summer, I just wore it for a shirt with my nursing bra. So get one, or two and you will not regret it! It will become one of those Mom items you gotta have!

These are perfect!

Absolutely love the high quality of these ponchos. They are so well-crafted and the material is light and drapes beautifully. I throw mine on all the time when I go out as the nude color works with almost everything. It's also great to keep in your diaper bag/car in case you need a change of clothes. Just throw it on!


Have made my way around the nursing cover selection. This one is by far the best! Most coverage, best fabric, most function. This is the one, guys.

Easy option but not the highest quality

I switched from using an apron style cover to this poncho and find it much easier to nurse and not worry about coming uncovered. I really appreciate the extra coverage around the sides/back. The material is lightweight and very comfy, but about a month in with only moderate use (a few times a week maybe?) I already have a hold in the poncho. I do enjoy the poncho but I'm not sure the quality is worth the price.

Great for nursing mamas!

With my first I always used a blanket, I couldn’t find a cover up I liked. But this time around I took the plunge and ordered a cover poncho and boy I was not disappointed. I love how roomy it is and not restrictive for myself or baby (even the two year old can pull on it and come under and not feel like I’m choking). Plus it’s super lightweight so I’m not sweating and comes it beautiful prints and colors.