Our Story

In the desire to write our story, we soon realized that our story is very much your story.  As a first-time mother, I knew one thing for certain. I wanted to breastfeed my child for as long as I was able.
Before giving birth, I prepared myself as much as possible for the road ahead. The feelings of discomfort in public are many times discouraging for some and seeking solutions can oftentimes be a hassle - this had to change.

During a first pregnancy we all have that idealized vision in our head of what breastfeeding will be like.  A beautiful bonding moment between mother and baby. A rocking chair in the corner of a perfectly decorated nursery, your baby looking up into your eyes.  

After baby’s arrival, reality quickly sets in.  Sitting in the car in the back row of a parking lot, struggling to get your distracted little one to latch. We’ve all been there, but we shouldn’t have to be.  

As a new mother, feeding time can quickly become a daunting task, especially when on the go. For those who prefer more privacy, it can be difficult to find a quiet space. That’s why many moms opt for a nursing cover.  But it can be challenging to find a nursing cover that fits comfortably, covers completely, and is versatile enough to handle all that new motherhood throws your way.

While it was the not-so-pleasant experiences of breastfeeding, which sparked the idea for Cover Me Ponchos, it was the awareness of the feelings of stress and anxiety while breastfeeding that fueled the business to be.

We believe that empowered mothers deserve equally empowering experiences when looking to breastfeed at their own pace, wherever they are and whenever their babies call for it.

Today’s moms seek options and we’re all about that. 

Our nursing covers, loose-fitting and available for all body types, are lightweight, breathable, provide a full-360°-coverage, multi-functional, trendy, and sensationally soft. Use them as a maternity top, a car seat cover, a swaddle, and much more without worrying about anything else than your special moment. It is our hope to continue providing superb experiences to breastfeeding mothers and their babies.