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Our Story

One of the most stressful moments I encountered during breastfeeding.... Was sitting in the car, in the back row of a parking lot, trying to find some privacy, struggling to get my distracted little one to latch.

As a new mother, feeding time can quickly become a daunting task, especially when on the go.

For those who prefer more privacy, it can be challenging to find a quiet space.

That’s why many moms opt for a nursing cover.

But, I quickly discovered that traditional nursing covers were either too tight for my body or it didn’t provide the full coverage I needed - because lets face it, one size DOES NOT FIT ALL!

That is the reason why we created the nursing poncho, which is truly the best fit for a nursing mom. 

And best of all,

We have added more functions to the all ready multi-purpose cover; a maternity top, swaddle, car seat cover, shopping cart cover, AND nursing cover? Yes, please!

We believe that empowered mothers deserve equally empowering experiences when looking to breastfeed at their own pace, wherever they are and whenever their babies call for it.

While it was the not-so-pleasant experiences of breastfeeding, which sparked the idea for Cover Me Ponchos, it was the awareness of the feelings of stress and anxiety while breastfeeding that fueled the business to be.

Follow us as we reinvent the traditional nursing cover! 

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