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Nursing Covers: 2020 Buyers Guide

  • What is a Nursing Cover?
  • Reasons Why You May Want a Nursing Cover
  • What To Look For In a Nursing Cover
  • Nursing in Public
  • Types of Nursing Covers
  • Best Nursing Cover

  • You prepare for your baby’s arrival months before you hold your little one in your arms. You think of baby names, stock up on infant necessities and prepare baby’s nursery where the perfect rocking chair rests in the corner awaiting you to breastfeed your baby. Before your baby is born, you sit in the rocking chair dreaming about nursing your baby in this serene room. You think about your special nursing bond as you look into each other’s eyes. What a magical envision, indeed.

    Then reality sets in as you anticipate those moments where you will be out and about among crowds while your baby’s feeding schedule approaches. You ask yourself, where will I go? How will I find a clean, safe place to nurse my hungry baby? Where can I move to that maintains that quiet and serene nursing space? These questions can shatter your wonderful envision, but don’t let them.

    There is a simple resolution to all your public nursing concerns — a nursing cover. A nursing cover creates an instant, safe, clean and quiet environment for your baby. Just like nursing in your rocking chair, in a twinkling of an eye, a nursing cover maintains and enhances that special bond you have created during breastfeeding your baby.

    What is a Nursing Cover?

    When venturing out to run errands, visit family or hangout with friends, a nursing cover (sometimes referred to as breastfeeding covers) provides you and your baby with the security and privacy many moms seek while breastfeeding in public. In essence, a nurse cover is a well-designed layer of clothing that covers both you and your baby in a smart, stylish way.

    Nursing covers should not interfere with the natural process of successfully breastfeeding and nurturing your baby. Trying to keep a falling nursing cover on your shoulder while breastfeeding is a balancing act that makes breastfeeding in public a daunting experience. The best nursing covers provide full coverage and are designed to keep their position while you nurse — even when your baby moves around.

    The best nursing covers are versatile and are used with confidence as you travel through real-life occasions. You count on your nursing cover to keep nursing moments positive. To maintain a good milk supply, many moms who breastfeed also rely on a high-quality nursing cover when pumping breast milk between feedings.

    Today’s moms seek reliable options and Cover Me Ponchos is all about that. Cover Me Ponchos offers a unique nursing cover, which we refer to as a nursing poncho. We offer our ponchos in an array of styles that create an ideal nursing environment wherever you may be. We know how busy your role as a parent is so we also created our nursing ponchos to be multi-functional, allowing you to use it as a car seat cover, swaddle, maternity top, fashionable garment, and so much more. Along with that, we created our covers with all body types in mind - petite, regular, and plus sizes.

    Reasons You May Want a Nursing Cover

    Enhances Your Nursing Experience

    Breastfeeding is one of the most important bonding experiences you and your baby share. A nursing cover enhances this bonding experience by creating a calm and stable nursing environment for you and your baby. Nursing ponchos are among those nursing covers that offer many benefits to you and your baby. Nursing ponchos quickly transform busy stores, restaurants, parks and gatherings into relaxed and tranquil areas during feedings. They enhance your nursing experience knowing your baby is safe and cozy. Full coverage nursing ponchos also provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have the privacy you want — anytime and anywhere.

    Keeps Baby Focused

    Surrounding noise and movement can be distracting to your nursing baby. Having a nursing poncho limits disruptions and keeps your baby focused on feeding time. Cover Me Ponchos’ nursing poncho designs are made with lightweight, breathable material that keep your baby cool, comfortable and attentive while nursing.

    Struggle-Free Moments

    Nursing covers that shift and slide during feeding time diverts your attention away from your baby while you make adjustments. Nursing ponchos are struggle-free while providing full coverage on all sides. While some covers can restrict your movement, nursing ponchos give you enough room to check on your baby in an unrevealing way. Fishing for a nursing cover in an overstuffed diaper bag can be a struggle to find as your baby is crying to let you know it is feeding time. Nursing ponchos are ready when baby is, and because it is part of your wardrobe it is one less item to pack in your bag.


    Cover Me Ponchos are Made in the U.S.A. They are well-crafted and made with light weight material that drape beautifully and enhance your wardrobe. We have a full line of styles to choose that fit your different moods and match your existing wardrobe. From floral designs, to stripes and solids, we have an extensive selection to enhance your personal style. Our nursing ponchos are stylish that enhance comfort and grace, while practical. They are a great alternative to traditional nursing covers.

    Peace of Mind

    Every mom wants to bring joy and comfort into her child’s life. Nursing ponchos enrich your nursing experience knowing your baby is safe and cozy while nursing. Nursing should be a serene experience and nursing ponchos create a peaceful and calm atmosphere for you and your baby each and every time.

    What to Look for in a Nursing Cover

    Ease & Comfort

    Your number one priority is being able to nurse with comfort and ease wherever and whenever the time arises. Nursing ponchos give you the reassurance that you can easily nurse in any situation. It is designed for easy use and with comfort in mind. You can easily wear nursing ponchos as part of your outfit and have confidence and comfort in knowing you are prepared as you head out the door.

    Full Coverage

    As you take care of your baby, your nursing cover should take care of you. A nursing cover should come in different sizes to accommodate your frame. Cover Me Ponchos is proud to be the only company in this market that offers a selection of sizes for nursing ponchos. A full coverage nursing poncho is also a great alternative to traditional nursing covers. They offer complete coverage to assure your privacy while nursing your baby. Nursing ponchos are also part of your ensemble for a full, trendy look as you get dressed to go out.

    Room for Two

    Nursing is a moment that connects you and your baby, which is why you need a nursing cover that takes care of the both of you. Nursing ponchos are designed with the two of you in mind. With full coverage, nursing ponchos are good for quiet feedings and for those times your baby wiggles and stretches. Nursing ponchos have room for you and baby — and even more room should sister or brother decide they want to pop under and be close to mom and baby during this special moment.

    Breathable Experience

    Nursing covers should not be tight or feel heavy against you and your baby. Nursing ponchos are flowy and lightweight and allow air to pass through easily. Soft, breathable material permits heat to escape and keeps you and baby cool. Whether you are inside or outdoors, nursing ponchos keep you and baby in a comfortable and airy place.

    Fashion & Functionality

    Parenthood keeps you on the move and nursing ponchos are the perfect solution as you move from place to place. Nursing ponchos are designed to empower you as a mom and encourage your sense of fashion. Their loose-fitting form and trendy styles are available for all body types. Fabrics used for nursing ponchos by Cover Me Poncho are hand selected for quality assurance. Our wide selection of colors and patterns keep you at the forefront of nursing fashion.

    Natural Fit

    There is nothing more natural than a mom nursing her child and a nursing cover should enhance this natural moment. Nursing ponchos are a natural fit for the nursing stage and helps create a comfortable and natural atmosphere. When you feel comfortable your baby is relaxed and has a positive nursing experience.

    Other Uses for Your Nursing Cover

    An ideal nurse covering has multiple functions and should assist you in various ways along your journey through parenthood. Nursing ponchos have the ability to serve you in multiple capacities. Some ways you can transform nursing ponchos into other useful parenting tools, include:

    • Car Seat Cover: When sunlight streams through the car window your nursing poncho can be easily draped atop the car seat to create a tent-like share for your baby.
    • Maternity Top: A nursing poncho is the perfect maternity top for every stage of your pregnancy. Its relaxed, unrestricted design drapes over your belly for that perfect fit you desire.
    • Shopping Cart Cover: Your nursing poncho can simply become a shopping cart cover. Place your nursing cover across the seat and handle to prevent your baby from chewing on and touching unsanitary areas.
    • High Chair Cover: Made of steel or wood, industrial high chairs are cold and hard and placing your nursing cover across the seat instantly boosts cleanliness and comfort for your baby.
    • Swaddle and/or Blanket: Babies love to feel safe and secure and your nursing cover can become a swaddle or a blanket to create a cozy, warm feeling as your baby sleeps.
    • Beyond Nursing Stage: Nursing ponchos are versatile and can become trendy garments even after nursing is done.

    Nursing in Public

    Stress Free Experience

    Your nursing experience should be stress free. Using a nursing poncho alleviates any struggle of finding a comfortable place to breastfeed when you are out in a crowd. With a nursing poncho, you have a tranquil solution whenever your baby is hungry.

    Helps You Plan Ahead

    Planning ahead is essential when heading out with your baby and nursing ponchos make it easier to plan excursions to stores, restaurants, a friend’s house or the park. With a nursing poncho there is no need to scope out areas beforehand or experience anxiety finding a private place to nurse your baby. With nursing ponchos, you know in advance you will be ready for your baby’s needs.

    Types of Nursing Covers

    Nursing Apron

    Nursing Apron

    Like a baking apron, a nursing apron has a piece of fabric that covers your chest. To hold the nursing apron in place, an adjustable strap goes around the back of your neck. A wire is implemented along the apron’s neckline to allow you to extend the fabric so you can your nursing baby. Nursing aprons do cover modestly and are easy to use but they are also easy for baby to kick at and pull on, which could lead to exposure.

    Nursing Scarf

    Nursing Scarf or Shawl (sometimes referred to as an infinity scarf)

    A nursing scarf or shawl drapes across your shoulders and over your baby’s head when nursing. Usually light and easy to use, nursing scarves/shawls cover your chest, sides and back. However, depending on how you drape the material there is a risk of exposure. Depending on how tight they are against your body, a nursing scarf/shawl can also make it challenging to see your baby. When choosing a nursing scarf/shawl, be mindful of the fabric you choose. Moms have reported warm nursing experiences when using a nursing scarf/shawl that is too thick.

    Nursing Poncho<

    Nursing Poncho

    A nursing poncho provides full coverage around your entire body as you nurse your baby. Due to its cascading design, a nursing poncho does not slip off or shift while you are nursing. A nursing poncho is also harder for your baby to pull off. When selecting a nursing poncho make sure its fabric is lightweight and breathable. Nursing ponchos make a fashion statement and can be worn as part of your daily wardrobe. They are also convert into other baby necessities including car seat covers, maternity tops, high chair covers, shopping cart covers, swaddles, blankets and more.

    Best Nursing Cover

    Breastfeeding is the most natural thing you and your baby can experience together. At the same time, we understand the uncertain situations you find yourself in when you are out in public and you want to nurse your baby. We have experienced the same uneasy feelings you have and have asked the same questions that relate to breastfeeding in public.

    When we looked for a nursing cover that addressed all of our concerns we discovered the nursing covers we came across did not accommodate all of our needs. We simply wanted the best nursing cover for our baby. So, we launched Cover Me Ponchos, an array of nursing ponchos that are made with breathable material, provide full 360°-coverage and best of all are trendy garments to create the best nursing experience

    Cover Me Ponchos’ natural fit enhances your nursing experience in petite, medium and plus sizes. Our smart and chic design makes it easy for you to nurse your baby in a comfortable and private way. We know the best nursing covers are the most useful items during your nursing years, so we created our nursing ponchos to be versatile so they can be used to help you in other areas of motherhood by becoming a car seat cover, blanket, swaddle, a high chair cover or a shopping cart cover.

    The best nursing covers develop a peaceful environment for you and your baby and Cover Me Ponchos knows how to bring you struggle-free breastfeeding moments that keep your baby focused during feedings. Our nursing ponchos come in a variety of patterns and colors. They are soft and stylish, and most of all, they are a practical choice when you are seeking the best nursing experience.

    Cover Me Ponchos takes care of you while you take care of your baby. We know this by the 1,000+ reviews we have received on our website from moms like you. Here are what some moms are saying about our nursing ponchos:

    “I was fully covered nursing, and then could leave the cover on afterwards as part of my outfit.”
    “Soft fabric that makes for a nice lightweight layer.”
    “The poncho covers from all sides, gives you enough room to check in on your little babe as they nurse, and is oh so soft!”
    “Because it’s versatile, it eliminates the need to have separate products and therefore clutter in my diaper bag.”

    Cover Me Ponchos wishes you and your baby a happy, healthy and beautiful nursing experience!