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Nursing Apron Alternative for Breastfeeding

One of the worst baby shower gifts I got was a nursing apron.

It was the kind that only covered the front of you, and required constant tightening and adjusting. An exposed back meant I was limited to 'nursing friendly' clothing anytime I wanted to nurse in public.

After countless times feeling exposed and having a screaming, hungry baby who had to wait for his mama to tighten, loosen, adjust, her nursing apron, I realized there had to be a better way.

I took out a piece of paper and wrote down what I needed.

  • I wanted full coverage. No more sitting with my back to the wall or leaving the room.
  • I wanted something lightweight, loose, breathable and soft for both baby and I.
  • I wanted a cover that was both functional and easy to use.

I began my search by trying every nursing cover available. I loved the multi-functional nursing covers (the ones that are advertised as car seat covers as well) but found them too tight.

So I created my own. One that matched my list. It was loose, multi-functional and softer than any nursing cover I had tried previously. 

My friends loved my cover and began to ask where I got it.

Soon I was taking orders.

This was 5 years ago. Since that time we have sold thousands and thousands of these nursing ponchos to mamas all over the world!

The feedback we receive is similar to my story

"Incase you plan on breastfeeding! This cover is awesome. Bought mine a few weeks ago. Way better than the apron thing i was using"

- Michelle T.

"Love this. Done nursing and having babies though. Would have loved to have something like this. large chest and tiny apron thing with nosy kid was difficult.

- Angelle C.

"I've never gotten the hang of using this type of cover. I feel like I need a 3rd hand to hold open the top so i can see my baby to latch and whatnot. I prefer the apron kind since it has the rigid top"

- Michelle S.

Just got mine and am practicing using it in the house now for when I go out in public 🙂 Love it so far! I am very modest so this is leagues better than the nursing apron I originally bought! Love the fabric as well!

- Anna M.

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