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As a mother, and very involved in the mother/baby industry, I have found that while there is an abundance of information online as to all things baby and pregnancy, it can be difficult to get honest, supportive answers from real mamas experiencing the same things you are.

There is much of shaming and cyber bullying and not enough of love and support and community. We all are mother differently, and we are here to celebrate and support those differences as we help each other along the way.

Our purpose is to ask questions, and share support, advice, and new ideas, regarding pregnancy and life with a baby.

As the name of the group suggests, we are baby mamas! Some are expecting their 1st baby, others their 5th. Some have newborns and are figuring out the ropes while others have older babies.

If you are a mama and have a baby or will have one soon, the baby mama club is for you!



You’re invited to join the Baby Mama Club! Enter your email below.