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3 Must Have Products for a New Baby from a 3rd Time Mom

Admittedly, I have never been the type to fill my home with every possible thing a baby could need/want. When it comes to the stuff of babies, I consider myself a minimalist. Which is why I didn't have any of these 3 products with my first two babies. The 3rd time around, I looked beyond the basics and I'm glad I did because I have discovered some super useful, lesser known products. (Disclaimer: There are all honest reviews that are in no way sponsored.) 1. Love to Swaddle by Love to Dream  All 3 of my babies have loved being swaddled for at least 6 months. With my first two, I used the big muslin swaddles and the velcro ones....

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You keep them warm now..

This is our newest little video we have circling around facebook. There is something about swaddling a baby all up that just reminds you of them being all curled up inside you. We wanted to show that transition in our newest ad below. It's short but sweet.   If you like the video, let us know on facebook!

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What's the difference between Cover Me Ponchos and MilkSnob?

Are Cover Me Ponchos (Nursing Ponchos) different than MilkSnob? In short, yes.  Milksnob covers (and all the 100's of knock offs) are designed more as a car seat cover first, that can also be used as a nursing cover. We wanted to put the priority with the nursing cover.  We took the idea of a multi-functional nursing cover, and designed the poncho to provide more coverage while nursing. In so doing, we added more function as well. A poncho doesn't only wear better as a fashionable accessory compared a milk snob cover, but its looser fit allows you to wear both during and after pregnancy.  Here are some comments that we received from facebook. Also this one Once we saw that people...

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