What's the difference between Cover Me Ponchos and MilkSnob?

January 19, 2017

Are Cover Me Ponchos (Nursing Ponchos) different than MilkSnob?

In short, yes. 
Milksnob covers (and all the 100's of knock offs) are designed more as a car seat cover first, that can also be used as a nursing cover. We wanted to put the priority with the nursing cover. 
We took the idea of a multi-functional nursing cover, and designed the poncho to provide more coverage while nursing. In so doing, we added more function as well. A poncho doesn't only wear better as a fashionable accessory compared a milk snob cover, but its looser fit allows you to wear both during and after pregnancy. 
Here are some comments that we received from facebook.
Also this one
Once we saw that people were having questions about the difference, we went to work to create an info graph that best shows the difference. 
cover me ponchos and milksnob
Hopefully, this helps you out as you search for the perfect nursing cover for you!

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