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“Wish I would’ve purchased one of these with my first baby. It’s so soft, fashionable and functional. It’s perfect for feedings and going out!"


“I wish i had known about them for my first child! With my second, I wore this in the hospital and at home 24/7 for the fist weeks of round the clock nursing"


"I wish I had found about Cover Me Ponchos with my first daughter. We traveled a lot and it would’ve been so convenient considering that it can be used for multiple purposes."


“the super soft silky material doesn’t cause you to get super hot while holding baby close for nursing, and is so easy to wear"


What Needed to Change.

Why we are different.

More than your typical nursing cover!

Our Promise to you

All ponchos are handmade in the USA. We offer a free 30 day money back guarantee. We also back our covers 100% by offering a free replacement if you have any issues with your original.

More Than a Nursing Cover

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